How to use MySQL Events?

MySQL events were added in MySQL 5.1.6 and offer an alternative to scheduled tasks and cron jobs. Events can be used to create backups, delete stale records, aggregate data for reports, and so on. Unlike standard triggers which execute given a certain condition, an event is an object that is triggered by the passage of time and is sometimes referred to as a temporal trigger. You can schedule events to run e ...

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How to start Modular Zend framework

Application/config/application.ini Structure of modular Application configs application.ini modules admin controllers models DbTable views helpers scripts index forms Bootstrap.php default controllers models views forms Bootstrap.php layouts Bootstrap.php public js css images library Zend .htaccess index.php Change structure of folder Set path in Zend\Application\Module\Autoloader.php And other path set in ...

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How to start Zend framework

Structure of Zend Framework First download zend library from then create a structure according to below structure of image .htaccess file index.php file application/configs/application.ini Set database connection application/Bootstrap.php Other require files controllers forms layouts models views Structure Application configs application.ini controllers models view ...

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